Saturday, July 23, 2011

Compartmentalized Christianity

Is the Church of Jesus Christ doing a good job or a poor job of communicating to her members the need to incorporate the principles of faith into every aspect of their life, home life, work life, and social life? I contend that the Church of Jesus Christ is suffering from "Compartmentalized Christianity" meaning that when it's time for corporate worship and ministry related activities, alot of Christians un pack their faith, but as soon as corporate worship and their ministry related activity has come to an end, they fold up their faith and neatly tuck it away until the next worship service or ministry activity. This has been weighing heavy upon me and I'm wondering if it's just me. Well, I've been wrestling with launching a series entitled, "Conquering Compartmentalized Christianity". I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and even suggestions as how to best approach building and presenting the series. Thanks in advance. By the way, I'm back!!!

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